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Girl out of Water book cover





5’11” and STILL GROWING.


I was on the FAST TRACK



Now I’m TRAINING boys

too COOL to talk to me.

IN a sport I’ve just MADE UP.



Nat Luurtsema

nat-margotNat Luurtsema is a stand-up comedian, and the funniest author around. Girl Out of Water is Nat’s first book for teens, and she says Lou is a less mopy, spotty, migrainey version of her as a teenager. Nat lives in South London with her kitten, Margot/Stinkbox. By the time you read this she might be a cat.

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    ​The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas

    Just read it.

    Those three short words were going to be my original review. However, after thinking about pretty much nothing else apart from the book for over a day now I feel those three short words don’t give the book justice.

    I don’t read synopses of books properly, just like I don’t watch the whole of a film trailer because they give too much away so I blindly picked up this book unaware of what it was about. Doing this made it have more of impact on me.

    There is no messing around, Angie Thomas goes straight in with a punch to the gut…the shooting of Khalil and how he is shot three times. This happens in only chapter two and by chapter three she has subtly mentioned Eric Garner:

    He can’t breathe under it. I can’t breathe

    Everyone knows ‘I can’t breathe’ are Eric’s last words.

    From this point on I know the book is more than just fiction, holding nothing back Angie Thomas mixes fiction along with real life historical, present and cultural references perfectly.

    The main theme of the book is heartbreaking but at the same time it doesn’t feel like a sad book. This is because of the family dynamic, the way they love, support and fight for each other is a part of the main story. Yes, they fall out and have arguments as families do in real life but this only makes it more compelling to read. It makes them feel like real people and not just characters, the same goes for her boyfriend Chris who sticks by her no matter what and who’s main role is to understand her and let her know it’s ok to be herself.

    Throughout the book you see Starr becoming more of the person she wants to be. You see the progression of her understanding her beliefs, her opinions, her emotions, her, struggles, her fears, how she sees the world and how she sees the media…all of this makes you really understand her and just like her family she feels like a real person.

    In conclusion ‘Just read it’ is still the message I want to spread but it is also about so much more than just reading it. It’s about understanding what is still going on, understanding the people (and children) who get murdered and their families, understanding that police aren’t victims, as Uncle Carlos from the book puts it “You shouldn’t be a cop if your first instinct is to shoot someone”, it’s about understanding the media and how they twist things and it’s about understanding what Angie Thomas set out to do…to understand that Black Lives Matter.